Nancy Le Couteur
About Nancy

I am a home furnishings specialist and offer a high quality, custom made product. While my passion lies in textiles, I do offer a complete service including custom built window seats to plantation shutters. There are few limitations to what we can design together.

I offer a superior service and am involved in every aspect of the project from guidance on fabric selection, design concepts, manufacturing, and even final installation. I take a hands-on approach with all my work and am committed to a product that meets your individual needs.

My passion for fabrics started at a young age and is a direct result of my mother's influence. I made lots of clothing as a child including my prom dresses. The sewing machine followed me to college where I was notorious for making Halloween costumes for all my friends. While I did graduate with a degree in nutrition, it was not long before I returned to sewing. I got my start as a professional seamstress in 2001 working here in Boulder. Life then took me to New Zealand where I mentored under interior designer and home furnishings specialist, Ruth Robson. I love interior design and feel fortunate to have found a career that brings me so much happiness.

Today, I operate a home based business. This allows me the lifestyle that Boulder has to offer like rock climbing and skiing. But more importantly, a great price point for my customers. I do not have to pass along the added expense of commercial real estate.

McKirnan Bed & Bath allows me a modest presence at their location near McGuckin's. Feel free to drop-by at your convenience to view fabric samples, design concept books, and a portfolio of my work. Contact me directly if you'd like me to meet you there or browse at your leisure. Samples can be signed out so that you can view them from the comfort of your home. Then, set-up your complimentary home design consultation.

Let's design something together!

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